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As long as I can remember I’ve been a writer and lover of words. In the fourth grade I was challenged by my teacher to explain the definition of “deity” which I’d used in an epic poem I’d written. After reading all of the Albert Payson Terhune classic collie books, of course I knew what that word meant. I wrote poems and school plays; started and edited a sixth grade class newspaper; even "published" a sixteen page “mystery novel” co-authored with a fifth grade classmate. However, most of my life I would never call myself a writer, rather, “someone who wrote.” Writer was a term reserved for a much more exalted achievement and art form.


Today, I call myself a writer. My two published books are related to my decades long former corporate career:


Cutting The Red Tape: How Western Companies Can Profit in the New Russia. Tourevski, M. and Morgan, E. (New York: The Free Press/Simon and Schuster. 1991)

Navigating Cross Cultural Ethics: What Global Managers Do Right to Keep From Going Wrong. (Boston: Butterworth-Heinemann/Reed-Elsevier/Routledge. 1996)

My current project is a creative non-fiction memoir, Everything’s a Two-Step But a Waltz: The Reluctant Texan Comes Home. It's the "coming of ageing" story of a very late-life collision between New York Class and Texas Sass, the idyllic life I was living that crashed and burned with a double-barreled heartbreak on a single day, and the life I had to reinvent, changing everything, and forcing me to figure out how to start over - again.

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