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The Reluctant Texan Comes Home

by Chick Morgan


Why does a high powered, high profile, high

heeled global consultant and cabaret singer return

to a small town in Texas after fleeing for over forty

years and swearing never to live there again?

Everything’s a Two-Step but a Waltz: The Reluctant Texan Comes Home, is the “coming of aging” story of a late-life collision between New York Class and Texas Sass, the idyllic life Chick Morgan was living that crashed and burned on a single day with an unimaginable double-barreled heartbreak. It’s the story of figuring out, with honesty, vulnerability, and Chick’s trademark humor, how she arrived at this point late in life with so many relationship misfires, certainly old enough to know better. Chick’s stories gently traverse the universal landscapes of the heart and the meaning of family and home.


  1. How did this book impact you? Are there ways in which Chick Morgan’s journey of transformation has influenced your thinking about facing crises in your own life? Are you inspired by her story? In what ways?

  2. There is a strong theme of discovering and owning one’s creativity in this book. How have you (the reader) diminished or reduced your creative urges? Do you still find ways to have fun, like you did as a child? Has this book encouraged you to become more courageous and authentic with your creativity?

  3. Chick Morgan uses song lyrics throughout the book as a devise to invite readers to reflect more deeply. Do you think this was effective? Was there a song that particularly touched you? Why? Are there song lyrics that capture important aspects of your own life? How? Listen to The Reluctant Texan playlist on Spotify!

  4. Divorce and the ending of long-term romantic relationships is another theme of this book as Chick Morgan shares her remorse at having “three failed marriages.” In this day and age as we are living much longer, do you think divorce is something to be ashamed about? Is it more realistic to embrace the idea that marriages and relationships sometimes need to end as the individuals in them evolve and change?

  5. There are many chapters of our lives. Chick Morgan describes her different personas as she excels in high school and dates her high school boy friend, then meets “Bad Boy” boyfriend at Baptist summer camp, her West Point Cadet husband, her psychologist husband, her academic husband, and her life as a Cabaret Singer, and finally as a writer. Describe some of your own chapters. Are there any you would return to if you could? Do you have dreams about chapters yet to come?

  6. Chick Morgan describes her reluctant return to Texas after years as a successful international executive living in the Northeast. Can you relate to this dramatic geographic change? Have you experienced different perspectives and cultural norms? Has anything about your understanding of the Northeast or Texas
    shifted by reading this book?


  7. The importance of family and friends is another theme that weaves through this book. Chick Morgan talks often about her brother and sister-in-law in Wimberley, her “dancing diva” friends back East, and the many long-time friends who supported, welcomed, and hosted her along the way as she healed. Can you relate to this strong emphasis on connections? Do you feel supported by your family and friends? Do you know who you might turn to if your own life was suddenly upended?

  8. We are all influenced by the people we are surrounded by. Chick Morgan describes living in many places and the impact those different environments had on her. How have you been impacted by the people around you? Would you choose to live in another environment if you could? Where might you go? Why?

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