What people are saying about Chick Morgan's music...

What a great evening! Perfect place, time, performers! I can hardly wait for the next concert!”

— Trish Czichos, Wimberley, TX

The lyrics are fabulous! I laughed out loud and cried real tears - and they are so clever! Your showmanship, comedic ability, and theatricality come through, bringing the songs to life in a wonderful, unique way that adds so much to the experience.”

— D. Taylor, Wimberley, TX

“You were fabulous - meaning you deserve to be fabled. By the time we were a half hour into your performance - after the innocence, the disappointment, the despair, the acceptance of the colored lights of 'anyway,' ... the just on the cusp of evil lunch hour passion, and the intense but not uncomfortable scars of the half-inch of white cuff - through all of this, it was like having endured both King Lear and A Midsummer Night's Dream all in one powerful evening.”

— R. Kingston (former Director, National Shakespeare Theater of London)

“I loved it! Such a witty, sophisticated and totally enjoyable evening. And how did you know MY story so well?! Congratulations! Bravo! En Buena hora!”

— J. Johnson, New York City, NY

“Versatile, yes. Many performers are. Accomplished, certainly. Many singer-songwriters are. But Chick/Morgan brings the rarest of gifts to her events, whether solo and in the company of other performers: a genuine passion for music and words, that almost indescribable something that touches hearts and stirs memories at the deepest level—then elicits cheers, whistles and laughter when she turns on the sass! ”

— Julie Ray, Wimberley, TX

“One thing I love about working with Chick that sets her work apart from other singer songwriters is her strong sense of narrative. She takes each song as a world unto itself, and fully inhabits it. Her cabaret training and her passion for the art form come together in a beautiful balance of strength and vulnerability—gifting the listener with something rare and unforgettable indeed.”

— Dirje Childs - Cellist, Wimberley, TX

“Morgan has a gift of authentically connecting to her audience by speaking from her heart. We laugh, we cry, we remember, we sing, we feel.”

— Karen Workman, Morgantown, West Virginia